Rain Water Harvesting

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Water is the must demanded for human being, lives and industries. Pure water is the most precious requirement for the survival of life. Unfortunately increasing urbanization, decreasing population of trees & forest, heavy industrialization resulted in continuous degradation of water available at various sources. The increasing contamination of water has raised demand for its purification to use for some of the lifesaving industries and human needs. Manufacturing and industrial application invariably need specially treated water to protect the equipment and assist the production process. It is our goal to find an answer to every water treatment problem and for this reason; PANDA uses various environment friendly technology ranging from preliminary filtration to advanced membrane based separation process. We utilize diverse range of treatment process such as

Aeration / De aeration
Activated Carbon, Media & Anthracite Filtration
UV distillation / Sterilization & Ozonation
Membrane process such as NF, UF & RO
Water Demineralization by ion exchange
Water Softening by ion exchange
Range start from 0.1m3/hr (100 LPH) to 500m3/hr (500000 LPH) and up to requirement.