Chemical Injection System 

Chemical Injection Systems: Skids inject precise amounts of specific chemicals into a system at required temperatures, pressures and flow rates.Most chemical injection skids deliver concentrated chemical at specific volumes to ensure bulk concentrations in the main process line are maintained. A complete system includes a chemical storage tank, two 100% dosing pumps, instruments, piping, valves, calibration column, pulsation dampeners and a skid structure.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Skid Structure:

Skid structures are fabricated from structural steel to accommodate tank, pump, motor, valves, instruments and other auxiliaries. Skid base frames are integrated with drip pan to collect chemicals spillage. Structural materials are either hot dip galvanized or painted as per client requirements. Sunshade can be provided for the skid structure to prevent the skid components from sever climate conditions.

  • Chemical Storage Tank:

Tanks are provided to store the chemicals that need to be injected in the line. Either tanks are horizontal cylindrical with dished end or vertical cylindrical with flat/ dished bottom and flat/ dished top. Tanks can be designed as per ASME Sec VIII Div 1 with U-stamp or as per API 650 or UL-142. Material of construction for tanks can be SS316L, CS with epoxy coating or FRP. Tanks can be painted as per client’s requirements.

  • Dosing Pump:

Dosing pump is the source of generating flow and pressure. These pumps are designed as per API 675. The pumps can be either diaphragm or plunger type with manual/ automatic stroke control and run by electric motor, solenoid driven motor or air operated motor.

  • Valves and Instrumentation:

Each chemical injection skid is provided with set of valves and instrumentation depend on the applications. Each skid is provided with level gauge for giving an indication of chemical level inside the tank, level transmitter, calibration pot to calibrate the flowrate, pressure gauge/ transmitter at the suction of dosing pump to detect the low pressure, pressure gauge/ transmitter at the discharge of dosing pump, pressure relief valve to protect the piping from over pressurization, check valves to protect the system from the back flow, flowmeter to measure the injection flowrates and any other accessories as per the clients requirements.

  • Electrical:

All signals are terminated into skid mounted junction boxes. All controls like pump running local/ remote indication, on/ off push button of the motor, emergency stop of the complete system, and any other controls can be implemented from local control panel. All electrical components are certified as per the area classification requirements. Chemical Injection Skids are suitable for operation in unclassified and hazardous areas.

The Chemical Injection Systems are designed to have the following:

  • Fully automated PLC control & local operator interface.
  • Precise control logic for maximum efficiency and accuracy.
  • Single pump or with standby pump option.
  • Control Panel (NEMA-4X).
  • Customized for specific applications.

Brief details of typical skid mounted chemical injection systems:

1. A Corrosion Inhibitor Injection Skid with storage tank facilities and duty/standby pumps to prevent/minimize corrosion in oil systems.

2. A Scale InhibitorInjection Skid to minimize formation of scale in reservoir.

3. A Demulsifier Injection Package to Breaks down oil emulsions to aid oil/water separation.

4. An Antifoam Dosing Package to prevent or minimize build-up of foam in production/test separators (prevents possible carry-over, improves separation efficiency).

Our product

  • Single-Point Chemical Injection Systems
  • Multi-Point Chemical Injection Systems
  • Solar-Powered Chemical Injection Systems
  • Gas-Powered Chemical Injection Systems
  • Chemical Injection Systems for Extreme Environmental Applications
  • Chemical Distribution Panels/IRCD
  • Chemical Pump Skids/Containerised Pump Skids