HDPE Tanks

HDPE  Tanks: The most common, economical above ground tank style is the vertical cylinder style, Polyethylene storage tanks sizes range from 100 ltrs up to 50000 ltrs. Other styles are designed for spaces with low headroom (Box tanks), narrow access (Utility Tanks), transport by pick-up truck (Leg Tanks) or nesting for compact shipping of multiple tanks (Taper Tanks).

Style Of Tank

Each style of tank has its own best suited application:


These tanks are vertical cylindrical in profile and are also the most commonly installed in the market place. Generally, these are the most economical


These tanks are for spaces with limited headroom such as crawlspaces and under decks. The low profile also allows moving into place through narrow openings. In tight spaces a floor panel could be installed above access lids. The tanks are designed to lay flat and not be placed on their side unless properly braced against bulging.


Used for applications that require completely open top access, such as fish rearing or chemical mixing. The tapered side allows multiple tanks to nest together for shipping economy.


Designed for sediment collection or granular material. The tanks require a steel/fiberglass floor stand for support.


Leg tanks can provide the maximum storage volume in a rectangular low headroom space. They are also a convenient way to transport water by pickup truck or trailer from a public utility. Uses include spraying, pressure washing or portable fire suppression. The smaller sizes can be positioned crossways in a truck box to leave room for other equipment or supplies. the weight of the water you are transporting and the hazardous effect of water moving around a partially filled tank.


Utility tanks are vertical cylindrical in profile and are specifically designed for 30” or 36” door opening access. The larger sizes are used for standby fire suppression where there is no municipal supply.


These are tanks installed below ground for water storage. There are a number of styles and sizes.


These tanks are designed for partial or below ground installation. Styles according to size


Colour is used for aesthetic or identification purposes. Vertical water tanks are either black. Some sizes are available in either colour. When used outside these colours are less noticeable and limit sunlight penetration. The natural polyethylene we use has a built in ultra-violet light stabilizer against sunlight. All pigments used are CSA/NSF certified for drinking water.


The key design element of septic tanks for below ground use is the resistance to compression buckling or pressure from the outside in. This is opposite to above ground tanks where the pressure is from the inside out. The key design element is the tensile strength of the material. To resist buckling, below ground tanks have a thicker wall and are typically spherical in shape with light ribbing, or heavy ribbing. The small flat triangular ribbing design holds the stresses in-line with the flat surfaces which result in a profile that resists pressure equally from the top, the sides, and the ends of the tank. No others tank design can claim this.

  • Each plastic septic tank is delivered to you completely ready for service.
  • Inlet and outlet connections are pre-plumbed for1/2” to 4” sewer pipe.
  • Two chamber dividing walls, when required, are also installed.
  • No water ballast is required during the installation process.
  • Polyethylene septic tanks are fabricated and are totally watertight from the factory.
  • Access openings can accommodate various styles of riser pipe.