Irrigation Pipings & Systems

Irrigation system installations consist of various pipes, fittings, valves, and other equipment depending on the kind of system and the type of installation. Most installations have the same structure, and thus a relatively small range of equipment can meet the requirements of a whole region. Irrigation equipment can be divided into:

  • pipes;
  • pipe connector fittings;
  • flow control device;
  • filters;
  • fertigation equipment;
  • water emitters;
  • automation equipment;
  • operation equipment;
  • water-lifting devices.

The main characteristics of the irrigation equipment are: • material are galvanized steel, rigid PVC, etc.;

  • size, i.e. the nominal diameter (DN) of the ISO metric range in millimeters (16–160 mm)
  • type of joint, e.g. threaded, quick coupling, solvent welded
  • working pressure PN (nominal pressure) or PR (pressure rating) in bars, e.g. 6.0 bars;
  • international standards conformed to, e.g. DIN, ISO, BS, ASTM, EN. The working pressure