frp manhole covers 1

 FRP Manhole Covers

FRP Manhole Covers   are made using thermoset material for long term durability. The material comprises of cross-linked polyesters combined with Fiberglass reinforced materials to sustain against wear-n-tear for heavy load vehicular traffic. It is 40% lighter than traditional Precast Concrete and Cast Iron covers. Provides up to 5 times more compressive strength. This resilient material withstands constant exposure to weather or sun without sacrificing security or aesthetics.

  • FRP as a material is resistant to sunlight, water, chemical water, sewerage water.
  • UV stabilizer is added to the raw material to impart UV resistance
  • FRP has high impact resistance as it is flexible and not brittle. Hence, in case of excess load bearing the FRP covers /gratings do not disintegrate into pieces like Cast Iron or Ductile Iron.
  • The strength to weight ratio in FRP is much higher than other materials. Hence, the strength is higher even with lesser weight of FRP.
  • During manufacturing, FRP cures at a self exothermic temperature of 175°C.
  • FRP is a thermoset material (non reversible and cannot be melted) and not a thermo plastic (reversible and can be melted). Hence, the non reprocessability protects it from theft and extreme sunlight does not soften the material
  • FRP is a suitable material under extreme hot and cold conditions.
  • FRP can be destroyed by burning in incinerator.