Ductile Iron Manholes Covers

Ductile Iron Manhole Covers: Spheroid Graphite’ or ‘Ductile Iron’ is a unique form of Iron. which prior to the metal casting process receives crucial mineral additives to produce an exceptionally strong resistance and durable metal, the molecular structure of ‘Ductile Iron’ gives rise to excellent additional strength and shock load resistance, within structure carbon steel, without steel inheriting corrosion. In today’s roads, Covers & Gratings are required to carry increasingly heavy and fast moving traffic, yet the need to keep the roads in service, places free from accidents and theft, additional demands on those Covers and Gratings in terms of speed and ease of access for maintenance of services is essential. ‘Ductile Iron’ Manhole Covers, Gratings and Frames are fast replacing the conventional ‘Grey Iron Manhole Covers, Gratings and Frames on account of uniqueness in its Strength to Weight ratio, Design, Weight and the Cost benefit.


  • High Strength, results in More Life and Durability
  • Available with Elegant Checkers Design, offers Good Anti- skid Grip and Nice Appearance.
  • Due to it’s Hinge type Design, Chances of Theft are Less.
  • Suitable for Heavy Traffic Loading and at High speed.
  • Chances of Accidents are almost Reduced, as it Does Not Break Suddenly.
  • Due to High Strength, ‘Ductile Iron’ Minimises the Risk of Failure during normal uses and offers Resistance to Impact.
  • Ductile Iron’s High Strength to Weight ratio allows the manufacturers to relatively manufacture Light Weight Castings, offering up to 50% Weight Savings over Grey Iron Castings, subsequently Saving in Cost Per Piece.
  • Lightweight Castings offer Cost Benefits, from Transportation to Installation, providing Ease of Handling and Maintenance during service.


  • Light Weight, More Strength
  • Very Easy to Handle
  • More Load Bearing Capacity
  • Costs Less as compare to Cast Iron

We deal with An European ISO 9001: 2000 company has been working in the production of grey and ductile cast iron manhole covers, Gratings and DI Steps since the early 1980`s. As per BS EN124 in all traffic load range. The certifications issued by ICIM spa, the Institute of Certification belonging to the Italian Federation of Quality Systems (CISQ), internationally recognized by IQNET. The products are checked in conformity to the certificate of inspection 3.1 B, according to European standard UNI EN 10204. The products carry the “P-ICIM” mark, which is a guarantee about the working process in every phase. The manufactures guarantee the principles of construction, testing, markings and inspecting prescribed by the norm EN 124:94 , which guarantees maximum production reliability. The products are checked in conformity to the certificate of inspection 3.1 B, according to European standard UNI EN 10204.