Effluent Treatment System

Effluent Water Treatment: It is a processes for separating physical, chemical and biological contaminants and pathogens from discarded waste water, treating sludge and controlling aquatic odours to extract the full value from wastewater resources.

Effluent water can be upgraded to process or potable water standards by refining discarded effluent. Effluent Water Treatment processes help municipalities and industries reduce reliance on increasingly undependable natural water resources, and instead produce environmentally benign effluent and solid waste (treated sludge) that can be re-used for a variety of applications. This helps to lower and control capital costs, reduce operational carbon footprint and enhance sustainability to preserve Environment.

The solutions are available for industrial effluent water treatment, municipal effluent water treatment for industry, effluent water treatment package plants, industry-specific wastewater treatment chemicals and technologies.