Electrofusion Machine for Sanitary Application

Electrofusion Machine for Sanitary Application:

  • High performance butt fusion welding equipment for PE, PP PB & PVDF pipes and fittings for sanitary applications.
  • Used for lengthening a short fitting, produce an integrated fitting or customized welding combinations of drainage pipes and fittings.
  • Planner equipped with safety limit switch which enables to start only when it is safe.
  • Mechanical lock to maintain welding pressure.
  • Complete machine consists of basic frame, facer, heater, clamping inserts, tool box,
  • operational manual and manufacturer’s test certificate.
  • Suitable for working in trenches, on site and in workshop.
  • High quality anti-stick PTFE coated heating plate with precision temperature control system.
  • Highly portable, light weight, compact and user friendly.