Solar Reverse Osmosis

Solar RO Plant:  are a new concept in water purification industry. solar energy is utilized to power ro systems, which furthermore; generate clean water for drinking purpose. These solar ro water systems can purify water from any source. Water from river, pond or bore well, these solar ro systems can deliver safe drinking water anywhere you need; in addition, these systems are highly suitable for military camps, village areas and Camps  and tourist places where arrangement of temporary drinking water is a prime requisite at minimal price.


  • Solar Powered Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis.
  • Solar Powered Sea Water Reverse Osmosis.
  • Solar Powered Sea Water Reverse Osmosis fully automatic units with fold down Solar panel.

All instruments and parts are installed in a container; solar electric panel is fixed top of it or side as convenient. The best feature of such solar ro systems is their 24 hours working without any diesel generator or any expensive power source.